Salon Academy Mesh integration training & education

For Professional Stylists Who Want To Learn How To Create Full Mesh Integration Systems Using Lace Closures and Hair Wefts.

In this course you will learn:

• Types of Hair loss, why it happens and how to treat it.
• The best systems for each hair loss type
• Health and safety
• How to conduct a thorough consultation
• Preparation of the hair ready for a full system
• How to make a Mesh Integration system
• Maintenance service and removal
• How to cut and blend your system
• Pricing
• Aftercare
• Problem solving
• Marketing

Academy Training:

This is an in person course, conducted at either our salon in Hungerford or a workshop nationwide, once paid you will receive email instructions for your chosen date and location. We have online lessons too. Please view the Online Academy here.

If you would be interested in hosting a course in your own salon please get in touch.

Course Description:

Mesh integration is most commonly used by stylists to help clients who are suffering with a range of hair loss conditions. This system is designed to provide a solution for clients who may not be suitable for the normal hair extension methods. It’s ideal for any client who is suffering with any form of hair loss or alopecia with up to 70% hair loss.

Our Mesh integration hair loss system is a custom made system, to fit any area of coverage on a clients head. Once our system is fitted it will help clients with a wide range of complex needs of hair loss and will give an illusion of a full head of hair. You will learn to become a hair loss integration specialist with an extensive knowledge, skills set and experience to carry out these procedures on clients in both male and female hair loss.

Who This Course Is For:

  • You are a professional hairdresser, have a local salon and are looking at ways in elevating your brand by specialising in a new field of treatments.
  • You want to upgrade your personal skill set.
  • You have some knowledge in wigs and extensions but want to upgrade. .your skills and understanding of hair loss and how to properly care for people who are going through this experience.
  • You care about mental health and the wellbeing of others.

Our courses are only designed for professional stylists or experienced hair extension specialist’s.

  • You need to be trained in any form of weave or micro ring hair extension method.
  • All our course are comprehensive, accredited by CPD ( 8 hours) and insurable.
  • You will receive a full kit and lifetime support.


Course schedule:


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